Jumbled Word Puzzle
Jumbled Word Puzzle
Jumbled Word Game | Source: Image by the author.


The game can be played by a single user, and it involves a random word from the dictionary, which is jumbled up. The user has to guess and enter the same in a timer controlled gameplay environment.


The player can select one of the levels, i.e., Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced, from the dropdown menu. When the player clicks the start button, the following outcomes happen:

  • Based on the level selected, a random word pops up of length 4,5,6 according to the level selected.
  • A timer starts at the bottom with a start time of 80,100 and 120 seconds according to…

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Finite State Machine storing customer’s transaction patterns


Based on the customer’s purchasing pattern, the transaction can be categorized under Low, Medium and High. The threshold value for figuring out the same can be done by analyzing the past patterns of the transaction being done.


The customer’s buying patterns were recorded from a web application with which the model was integrated. If the customer has purchased a low priced item, then the current state would be the low state and now if the customer purchases a medium priced item, a transition would be recorded from the low state to medium state and the current state would be medium…


The MNIST Hand-Written Digits Challenge involved getting a validation accuracy of close to 99% in 10 epochs with parameters less than 10K.For that three cases were used that is <5K, >5K and <10K parameters.

Model Architecture

• Idea of Inception Model was Conceptualized for getting a smaller number of parameters. • Three branches were added which contained 3 Convolution Layers+ 1 Max Pooling Layer. • The activation function used for Convolution Layers was ReLU. • The number of filters were 2->4->6 in increasing order. • Kernel sizes of 1 x 1 and 7 x 7 were used alternatively for Convolutions. • Pool…

    Indian Movie Face database (IMFDB) is a large unconstrained face database consisting of 34512 images of 100 Indian actors collected from more than 100 videos. All the images are manually selected and cropped from the video frames resulting in a high degree of variability in terms of scale, pose, expression, illumination, age, resolution, occlusion, and
    makeup. IMFDB is the first face database that provides a detailed annotation of every image in terms of age, pose, gender, expression and type of occlusion that may help other face related applications.
  2. PREPROCESSING Face Detection was done using the following steps: • Walking…

uCertify provides Courses,Hands-on Labs,Test Prep for IT certifications including Microsoft,Oracle,Cisco,CompTIA,CIW,IC3,Adobe and many more. I am here to write the review of uCertify MTA Networking Fundamentals Course.

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MTA Networking Fundamentals Course Highlights


The course differs from other courses in the market in terms of the simplicity and the interactivity of the user interface with the user.
The user interface is designed such that it reduces the complexity of usage and provide a lucid and simple gateway to the user to explore. …

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